Of course, it’s an issue at work, no matter how much progress we’ve made. Flirting happens, teasing and testing limits. We’re sexual creatures and there are and always will be sexual dynamics in the workplace. There’s a gender culture clash, and of course, attraction.

Sometimes you get a perfectly balanced team with both men and women who respect each other, flow together, and make magic happen. Other times you can overcompensate for the fuzziness and complexity of sexual dynamics by making far too many rules about what is appropriate and acceptable. This creates a confusing and awkward work environment. …

I knew early on that I wanted to be a career woman. What did it mean to me in my twenties? It meant dressing a certain way, owning a job description, prioritizing my work, earning a salary that would provide self-sufficiency, traveling for business, and, of course, learning constantly.

My mother had provided a fine role model, raising 4 children while working as a high-powered executive at the biggest HMO in the country. …

Do things happen by accident or for a reason? Does it matter?

Freud said there is no such thing as a coincidence, and there’s some truth in that statement. Freud’s student Jung wrote a book called Synchronicity about meaningful coincidence, which seems like an oxymoron but it’s also thought-provoking. Do things happen by accident or for a reason? Does it matter?

Some encounters affect us deeply. They surprise us and even seemingly defeat us, but the lessons we learn shape us and move us along on our journeys. They make us who we are.

Years ago I went to a…

It seems counterintuitive, but your hobby will actually create extra time in your life by expanding your horizons. Remember Harry Potter’s Pier 9.75? Your hobby can be your hidden pier.

Really? A hobby? You might ask yourself where you’ll find the time. But think of it this way: if you start now, you’ll have the whole rest of your life to develop it. You can start with an hour a week. Can you find an hour a week? Maybe during the summer you can even take advantage of the long days and find 2 or 3 hours a week. One…

Normal people start with pilot projects

Let’s say you have an innovative idea, one that you think is solid and interesting. You present it to your boss but most likely he isn’t going to say, “You’re a genius!” or “Wow! How did I not think of that before?” Now, why don’t you get the response you want? Maybe your boss is distracted, or maybe you didn’t explain yourself well enough. Maybe it’s unreasonable to expect your ideas to resonate right away with the right people.

Did JK Rowling’s manuscript get accepted right away? Hardly. She had to send it to…

“When unique voices are united in a common cause, they make history.” Gloria Steinem

Working in tech, I had the opportunity to collaborate with small business owners of all kinds: tech entrepreneurs, architects, designers, lawyers, yoga teachers. We provided online tools for these business owners to use, and we’d meet with them to hear their feedback about how our products could better meet their needs.

These interactions evolved into an international community of thousands of people, sharing ideas, and building on each other’s successes. …

We’re used to hearing about compound interest as a financial term, but it applies in so many other areas as well

As a CFO, I prepare annual budgets and forecasts. I measure and compare them to actual results, updating spreadsheets, and spreadsheets of spreadsheets that are connected to each other with mind-bending links and formulas and data and assumptions linking dreams and facts. In this process, I’ve seen the effects of compound interest firsthand.

Did you know that if your capital grows by 5 percent per year for twelve years, it will grow by 80 percent over the course…

Gratitude & Forgiving Yourself

We seem programmed to remember the negative more intensely than the positive, especially when it comes to how we see ourselves. We review our mistakes and dissect them, hearing the critical voices at a much higher volume than the kind ones. I don’t know why we’re built this way and it would certainly be more convenient if we weren’t, but the silver lining is that sometimes the remorse helps us aim higher once we get past the shame. If only our brains and hearts could be as persistent about celebrating our wins.

A few years back I was invited to…

Career tips and career stories from a woman living in the Israeli Hi-Tech planet for 20 years

Many career women I know are underpaid, underappreciated, and underseen. We are diligent, thorough, and even ambitious, but we aren’t used to talking ourselves up. Working with men over many years in every job I’ve ever had, I see them easily taking credit for their work, and often taking credit for my work too.

I’ve learned over time that you can hang on to the positive aspects of humility while still asking for what you’re worth. Humility makes you cherished and appreciated, and…

Nurit Reder

A leader in Finance in Hi-Tech companies. Served as VP Operations at Wix.com. A passionate writer and avid reader. I aspire to empower women in the Tech World.

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